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Authors: Xian Yi Yang, Yang Liu, Yu Zhen
Abstract: During the last thirty years people have continued to poison the planet with pesticides and other toxic chemicals, which has led to the destruction of ecosystems and the extinction of many species. More recently people have realized that they too are now threatened by human actions. The ultimate design challenge of the twenty-first century is to avoid or minimize the adverse impacts of all products on the environment. Material as the basis of the product can not be neglected. Like all challenges, this constitutes both a demand and an opportunity - to steer the debate on more sustainable patterns of production and consumption.
Authors: Jie Mei, Yu Zhen, Ding Fang Chen, Wen Feng Li
Abstract: The theoretical derivation of model analysis is elaborated first in the paper. Then combined with the developed micro-feed tool holder, the structure’s first ten order vibration mode is analyzed through the finite element analysis software. From the analysis results, the natural frequency in every mode is finally obtained. After the analysis, an important conclusion is put forward. Based on the conclusion, an improvement measure for the micro-feed tool holder structure is proposed.
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