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Authors: Dong Yan Li, Yun Fa Chen
Abstract: MnO2 hierarchical microsphere has been synthesized by a facile and direct hydrothermal reaction between KMnO4 and HCl without the aids of catalysts, surfactants or templates. The as-prepared microsphere, as characterized by x-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analysis and nitrogen adsorption and desorption, is in form of K0.27MnO2 (H2O )0.54, with a flower-like hierarchical microsphere structure and a BET surface area value of 52 m2/g. The morphology of the product can be simply tailed by controlled by reaction temperature or period and crystallinity can be modified by changing the concentrate of KMnO4. In general, excessive KMnO4 and low hydrothermal temperature are favor to forming flower-like hierarchical structure. Besides, the formation mechanisms of the hierarchical schemes are proposed.
Authors: Xiao Feng Wu, Yu Chao Liao, Ren Liang Yue, Yun Fa Chen
Abstract: Based on the growth kinetics of the SiO2 particles, we studied the kinetic hetero-precipitation process on the interface of polystyrene (PS) microscale particles. The nanoscale SiO2 shell thickness increased with increasing time and was proportional to the square root of the initial concentration of TEOS precursor while governed by hetero-precipitation process. Moreover, the hetero-precipitation process followed the first-order growth mechanism of silica onto the surface of templating PS pariticles. Properly controlling the reagent concentrations could alleviate and even avoid, to a certain extent, aggregation among PS@SiO2 particles that could otherwise have an adverse effect on the properties and applications of those composite particles and the corresponding SiO2 hollow products.
Authors: Peng Liu, Lian Qi Wei, Shu Feng Ye, Xun Zhou, Yu Sheng Xie, Yun Fa Chen
Abstract: In this paper, the new high temperature ceramic matrix coating of anti-oxidation for stainless steel was prepared by slurry method. With the research about oxidation resistance of ceramic matrix coating formed on stainless steel, the effect of initial melting temperature, melting temperature range and thermal expansion coefficients of ceramic sintering change on protective properties of high temperature coating prepared at 1250°C is investigated, and then high temperature sintering ceramic with high-performance is gained through optimization. Through the test of TG-DTA and XRD to the coating, study on high temperature oxidation resistance of ceramic coating and the structure changing of the scale with coating from SEM images and photos, it is shown that the ceramic coating has excellent oxidation resistant properties, the weight loss with coating decrease more than 85%.
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