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Authors: Zhi Wang, Wen Wen Liu, Yun Hai Du
Abstract: The tensile elastic modulus, bend elastic modulus and tensile strength of the composite materials hose were determined by uniaxial tension test and three point bending test. The specimen was first destroyed from the inner or outer layer rubber, and then the spiraled cords threads was pulled out and the specimen destroyed with irregular fracture shape. According to the test results, the flexible hose can be considered as linear elastic material because the deformation showed a linear relationship with the external load in uniaxial tension test and three point bending test. The bend elastic modulus EB is much smaller than the tensile elastic modulus ET. The calculation results used EB show a good consistency with the test result and the EB should be selected as design parameters and the design system would be more secure.
Authors: Wen Wen Liu, Yun Hai Du, Zhi Wang
Abstract: A new optical metrology method for measuring soil landslide displacement is presented in this paper. Under the optical experimental system, the soil micro-displacement field can be measured by obtaining the digital images of the soil specimen under water load and searching the gray value in sub-pixels by digital image surface fitting technology. The results show that through the optical system, this nondestructive testing method can improve the measurement accuracy, and has a very good prospect of application in the study of soil landslide. The experimentation can provide useful data for disaster prevention and mitigation research and actual construction. In addition, if using a CCD with higher resolution and more effective record area, or using synthetic aperture technology to increase effective record area, the accuracy of the experiment are expected to be further enhanced.
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