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Authors: Yun Sung Kang, B.H. Cha, H.G. Kang, Jai Sung Lee
Abstract: Densification behavior of nano-agglomerate powder during pressureless sintering of Fe-Ni nanopowder was investigated in terms of diffusion kinetics and microstructural development. To understand the role of agglomerate boundary for sintering process, densification kinetics of Fe-Ni nano-agglomerate powder with different agglomerate size was investigated. It was found that activation energy for densification process was lower in the small-sized agglomerate powder. The increase in the volume fraction of inter-agglomerate boundary acting as high diffusion path might be responsible for the enhanced diffusion process.
Authors: Jai Sung Lee, B.H. Cha, H.G. Kang, Yun Sung Kang
Abstract: This paper overviews our recent investigations on the processing of net-shaped Fe-based nanoparticulate materials and their related material properties such as mechanical and corrosion properties. The key-process for fabricating fully densified net-shaped nanopowder by pressureless sintering is an optimal control of agglomerate size of nanopowder. Enhanced mechanical property of powder injection molded Fe-Ni nanopowder could be explained by grain refinement and uniformity of microstructure.
Authors: Sergiy V. Divinski, Frank Hisker, Yun Sung Kang, Jai Sung Lee, Christian Herzig
Authors: S.S. Jung, Yun Sung Kang, Jai Sung Lee
Abstract: The present investigation has attempted to optimize hydrogen reduction process for the mass production of Fe-8wt%Ni nanoalloy powder from Fe2O3-NiO powder. In-situ hygrometry study was performed to monitor the reduction behavior in real time through measurement of water vapor outflowing rate. It was found that the reduction process can be optimized by taking into account the apparent influence of water vapor trap in the reactor on reduction kinetics which strongly depends on gas flow rate, reactor volume and reduction.
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