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Authors: Jie Zhang, Hui Qing Fan, Sha Ming Ke, Yun Ze Shi, Xian Hua Zeng, Mei Tian Bi, Hai Tao Huang
Abstract: The fabrication processing, dielectric properties and thermal properties of polymer-matrix composites containing AlN particles (10μm) for electronic substrates and microelectronic packaging applications were investigated. The epoxy resin (E-51) is used as the matrix, and the dispersion of the AlN in the composites is varied form 0 vol% to 40 vol%. The microstructures of the polymer-matrix composites are observed through scanning electron microscopy (SEM). With increasing the AlN content, thermal conducting of composites is improved, while the composites still keep the relatively low dielectric constant and dielectric loss. According to the dielectric properties dependence on frequencies (1kHz-10MHz) of the composites, the Cole-Cole plot is analyzed. The dipole relaxation in the composite is induced, and it is suggested that the air layer exit between the epoxy resin and the AlN particles.
Authors: Yun Ze Shi, Hui Qing Fan, Mei Tian Bi, Jie Zhang, Xian Hua Zeng
Abstract: Mono-dispersed silver nanoparticles with various morphologies were synthesized in large quantities by reducing silver nitrate with ethylene glycol in the presence of poly(vinylpyrrolidone) (PVP). The effects of the concentration of AgNO3, temperature, adding rates of PVP and AgNO3 injected into ethylene glycol as well as molar ratio between the repeating unit of PVP and AgNO3 were discussed. By varying the temperature and reaction time, silver nanocubes, nnoprisms and nanospheres were obtained. It is indicated that at elevated temperatures, the ethylene glycol can reduce Ag+ ion into Ag atoms, and thereby inducing the nucleation and growth of silver nanostructures in the solution phase. In the polymer-mediated polyol process, PVP plays a critical role in producing silver nanostructures with good stability and size/shape uniformity. As a result, both the crystallinity of a seed and extent of PVP coverage on the seed were instrumental in controlling the morphology of Ag nanoparticles.
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