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Authors: Xiao Feng Li, Kin Tak Lau, Yan Sheng Yin, Yan An, Shi Shan Shen, Fu Hua Zhang, Yun Zhou, Ying Jie Zhang
Abstract: Reaction injection molding process of phenolic foam sandwich plate was introduced in order to resolve the difficulties in repetitive continuous manufacturing process of such product. The phenolic foam produced here have uniform pore diameter, good fireproof property and there need not any glue between phenolic foam and color steel plate which could make it a potential building material instead of polysterol sandwich plate.
Authors: X.Y. Zhou, Yun Zhou, G.Y. Wang, Y. Wang, Helen Lai Wah Chan, C.L. Choy, Guo Zhong Cao
Abstract: (Ba,Sr)TiO3 thin film has been deposited on Si (001) wafer with the SiO2 layer as the block layer through laser molecular-beam epitaxy using an ultra thin Sr layer as template. X-ray diffraction measurements and the cross-sectional observations under transmission electron microscope indicated that BST was well crystallized. This deposition of Sr layer is considered to remove the thin SiO2 layer to produce a layer, which is crystallized and has a lattice structure matching with that of perovskite BST. The maximum in-plane dielectric tunability is calculated to be 50% at 1 GHz under a moderate DC bias field of 13.3 V/µm. This BST/Si structure is believed to be a promising candidate in the development of ferroelectric BST-based microwave devices.
Authors: Yun Zhou, C.M. Liu, Li Hua Dong
Abstract: Fluorene and its derivatives which have an aromatic biphenyl structure with wide energy gap in the backbone and high luminescent efficiency have been drawn much attention to materials chemists and device physicists. In this research, 9,9-Bis(methoxycarbonylethy)fluorene and fluorene-containing polyester were prepared and their chemical structure and properties were initially studied. Furthermore, It is found that this fluorene-containing polyester might be a promising candidate for electroluminescent materials due to its excellent luminescent properties, solubility, film-forming property and thermal stability.
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