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Authors: Iwao Katayama, Yusuke Sendai, Dragana Zivkovic, Dragan Manasijević, Zivan Zivkovic, Hiromi Yamashita
Abstract: EMF of galvanic cell with zirconia –based solid electrolytes was measured to determine the activity of Ga in liquid Ga-Sb-Tl alloys between 946 and 1233 K along the tree pseudobinary lines of Ga-(Sb/Tl), (xSb/xTl = 1/3, 1/1 and 3/1) The cell used was: Ga,Ga2O3|(ZrO2)0.92(Y2O3) 0.08|Ga-Sb-Tl, Ga2O3. The activity of Ga (aGa ) was derived by :-3EF = RT ln aGa , where E is cell potential, F is Faraday’s constant, R is gas constant and T is cell temperature. The activity of Ga shows slight negative deviations from ideality in the section with positive deviation from ideality in the whole composition range. The activity of gallium shows slight negative deviations from Raoult’s law in the section with xSb/xTl = 3/1, moderately positive deviations in xSb/xTl =1/1 section and large positive deviations in xSb/xTl =1/3 section.
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