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Authors: Shu Yi Yang, D.S. Liu, Z.J. Wen, Y.F. He
Abstract: In view of complexity internal structure of mobile hard disk and according to the principle of quality equivalent, a finite element model of mobile hard disk was established. Finite element simulation with dropping impact of mobile hard disk was made based on uniform design. A neural network model of nonlinear mapping relations was established between shell thickness,actuator arm thickness, cantilever thickness and pivot bearings stiffness of mobile hard disk with shell stress,disk interface stress and space with head and disk. The difference is less of the prediction values with the ANN(artificial neutral network) and the simulation datum with the FEM(finite element method). This indicates that the method is effective and may provide theory evidence for optimization crashworthiness design.
Authors: Z.J. Wen, De Shun Liu, Shu Yi Yang
Abstract: According to poor computational accuracy at small to median sample sizes of Monte Carlo ( MC ) simulation techniques in estimating the probability failure of mechanical structures, the number theoretical net ( NT-net ) simulation method is proposed to reduce computing effort. Several key concepts, such as good point set, good-lattice point ( glp ), discrepancy and NT-net method, are defined. The sampling stategy is improved by introducing NT-net that can provide better convergent rate over MC. The new method is used to estimate failure probability of the side impact bar on the car door. Results indicate the computational effort needed by NT-net for the same accuracy is about 1/12 of that needed by the MC-based method, and the obtained results are more stable.
Authors: Z.J. Wen, Ping Yu Zhu, X.P. Zhang, H.C. Liu
Abstract: A new state space model of multi-operational machining processes is presented for dimensional variation propagation, transformation and accumulation based on perturbation vectors (PV). Taking perturbation vectors (PV) for state vectors of part geometric variaton and the fixture variations for input vectors, the perturbation homogeneous transformation (PHT) is applied to analyze and derivate datum-induced deviation, re-location deviation, fixture error and machining error, and a state space model of variation propagation in multi-operational complicated machining processes is developed. Furthermore, a three-operation machining process of cylinder is given to illustrate the method presented. With the results of calculation and simulation, it is verified that the proposed model is effective and useful.
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