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Authors: M. Janik-Czachor, A. Wolowik, Z. Werner
Authors: J. Piekoszewski, Wieslawa Olesińska, J. Jagielski, D. Kaliński, M. Chmielewski, Z. Werner, M. Barlak, Wiesław Szymczyk
Abstract: Experiments to directly bond AlN with Cu were conducted for different pre-treatments of the bonded components. AlN substrates were implanted either with oxygen, or titanium or iron ions at low (15 keV) or high (70 keV) energy, or thermally oxidized. Some Ti-implanted samples were also thermally oxidized. The copper component was annealed and thermally oxidized. The best results, with respect to the bond shear strength, were obtained for low-energy implantation of oxygen and titanium.
Authors: J. Jagielski, A. Piatkowska, Zdzislaw Librant, P. Aubert, C. Legrand-Buscema, O. Maciejak, J. Piekoszewski, Z. Werner
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