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Authors: Zhao Hui Ren, Yuan Hao, Bang Chun Wen
Abstract: Continuous attribute discretization based on rough set is to got possibly minimum number of cuts, and at the same time it should not weaken the indiscernibility ability of the original decision system. In order to obtain the optimal cut set of the continuous attribute system, based on research the choice of candidate cut set, this paper presents a heuristic genetic algorithm for continuous attribute discretization to decision tables. In this algorithm making the importance of the continuous cut as heuristic message, a new operator is constructed to not only maintain the discernibility of the cuts selected, but also improve local search ability of the algorithm. Compared the performance of this method with the others’, this method is proved effective and superiority.
Authors: Zhao Hui Ren, Yuan Hao
Abstract: Rolling dryer is one kind of dryer device with large output. The characteristic of rolling body has great influence on the output of dryer. In the paper, with the finite element method, the stress distribution of body, bolt hole, man hole and modes of rolling body are obtained by static stress and modal analysis and study of acting loads on rolling body. The results can help to enhance the efficiency of rolling dryer and provide corresponding theoretical supports for the design and manufacture of the machine.
Authors: Yue Gang Luo, Song He Zhang, Zhao Hui Ren, Bang Chun Wen
Abstract: The dynamic model of two-span rotor-bearing system with three-coupling faults of rub-impact, crack and pedestal looseness faults was set up, and the influences of faults to nonlinear dynamic characteristics of the system were studied by mapping and continuation comprehensive method. There are many harmonic elements of 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 1, 3/2 and 2 et al within the sub-critical rotate speed range. But the 3/2 and 2-harmonic elements decrease within the super-critical rotate speed range. It may the main characteristics of the system with three-coupling faults of rub-impact, crack and pedestal looseness. It should notice to diagnosis the three-coupling faults of the system when running within the super-critical rotate speed range.
Authors: Yuan Hao, Zhao Hui Ren, Feng Wen
Abstract: On the basis of the relation between force and deformation when the plastic deformation of soil mass is studied, nonlinear vibration roller model is built. Based on one type vibratory rollers select the system parameters and calculate the natural frequency. And according to the selected numerical value proceed the numerical simulation with different excitation force frequencies. Meanwhile, obtain and analyze the experimental data according to the vibratory roller experiment. Then the system response characteristic of nonlinear vibration roller is obtained, and the availability of system model is checked. All above provide the valuable theoretical basis for the research of vibrating compacting.
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