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Authors: Zhen Li, Chang Hui Yang, Kui Yang, Chong Wang
Abstract: The morphology of PVA/Na-MMT composite under different freezing technology conditions was studied. Inlfuence of PVA content and frozen conditions on microstructure and formation mechanism of PVA/Na-MMT composite materials were analyzed using scanning electron microscopy(SEM). The experiment results show that the structure of freeze-dried PVA/Na-MMT composite is influenced by both frozen technology and PVA dosage. PVA/Na-MMT composite frozen in Low-temperature refrigerator presented honeycomb-like structure when PVA dosage was 1%, and when the dosage of PVA was 2%, 3%, 4% respectively, the composite exposed wrinkle superposition structure. In liquid nitrogen frozen, Fiber-like structure of PVA/Na-MMT composite was obtained when the PVA content more than 3%.
Authors: Kui Yang, Chang Hui Yang, Zhen Li
Abstract: Porous PVA/MMT nanocomposites, which included a great deal of macroporous, mesoporous and a few micorporous were fabricated by directional freezing and freeze-drying. X-ray diffraction (XRD), Scan Electric Microscope (SEM), Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy, and Thermo gravimetric-differential scanning calorimeter analysis (TG-DSC) were used characterize the samples. Results showed that the morphology and the interactions between MMT and PVA of the obtained porous nanocomposites were influenced by nanoparticle size, colloid concentration , aging time etc.O-H bond in PVA and Si-O bond in MMT, "acetate" in PVA and O-H bond in particle flat of MMT which occurred coupling constituted hydrogen bonding which enhanced the driving power to help PVA molecules insert into interlayer spaces of MMT.
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