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Authors: Yong Li Xu, Zhen Zhen Xing
Abstract: Deflection is the important index of asphalt pavement design and the final acceptance. Using double circular load of Design Specification and four circular load of Benkelman test vehicle, the deflection was analyzed with four kinds of common pavement structures, the results show that the deflection of theoretical calculation was the Benkelman beam test 55%-75%, but Design Specification uses the F coefficient which less than 1 to correct the difference, the two have had the contradiction. The deflection of two and three axles load mode were analyzed, and compared with the axle load conversion coefficient C1. The result could provide the reference of axle load conversion and the correction coefficient for the pavement design.
Authors: Yong Li Xu, Bai Zhen Ming Zhang, Le Tao, Zhen Zhen Xing
Abstract: The tensile test to the fiberglass geogrid had been carried on, in the normal temperature, the low temperature, the water immersion, the freezing and the freeze-thaw cycle and so on conditions. The results indicated, the fiberglass geogrid had achieved saturated after been immersed 12h, the water absorption was about 20%, the tensile strength reduced approximately 80%; the tensile strength was dropped slightly on the next freezing test and the freeze-thaw cycle test. So it could be stated that the fiberglass geogrid had the good low temperature performance. Then the interlaminar shearing test had been conducted in the different temperature to the composite structure in which the fiberglass geogrid was laid or not. The result showed that the interlaminar shearing strength had weaken about 20% when laid down the fiberglass geogrid, and along with temperature drop, the shearing strength increased gradually. This research provide the reference for used the fiberglass geogrid correctly in the cold region, had great practical value.
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