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Authors: Zhen Zhou, Li Li Zhou, Ye Ren, De Zhong Ma, Shang Chun Fan
Abstract: Most of solving method for reliability growth model parameters is to structure maximum likelihood function and extremum on the likelihood function. When the maximum likelihood method is adopted for the evaluation and optimization of parameter, because of the effect of iterative initial value, the classical one is not easy to converge to the global optimal solution. Evolutionary programming (EP) algorithm used in this paper , its feature is to establish the fitness function, find great value point to determine optimization model of the parameters optimal solution, and it is not necessary to find extreme value and estimate initial value of the optimization variable to obtain global approximate optimal solution. In order to better ensure global optimal solution, to further ensure the accuracy of the equations, a parallel operation and retain the best individual and other methods are used in evolutionary programming algorithm. The new method for solving the optimization parameters can achieve a better balance in the solving efficiency and convergence performance and better combined optimization methods with maximum likelihood estimation method. The validity and correctness of the optimization method is verified in the last of the paper through the experimental data in the reliability growth process of a solid rocket motor.
Authors: De Zhong Ma, Wen Fei Ding, Yong Qing Jiang, Zhen Zhou
Abstract: In order to solve the difficulties existing in course of complex system reliability modeling, a novel method was proposed in this paper. According to the analysis sequence, from FMEA to FTA to BN, a BN can be constructed by making full use of the helpful information in the results of FMEA and FTA. The reliability of complex system can be analyzed based on uncertainty-expression ability and bidirectional-reasoning ability of BN. For demonstrating the effectiveness of this method, aim at the failures of gears in wind turbine gearbox, a BN for system reliability analysis was constructed.
Authors: Zhen Zhou, L.B. Li, Y. Qin, D.Z. Ma, B. Niu
Abstract: Firstly this paper introduces gray relation analysis, and then it draws various reasons of electromagnetic flowmeter malfunction in combination with data provided by one company. And the paper calculates the probabilities of the various reasons adopting classical statistics, and equalizes these failure rate data to get sequence difference, and then obtains grey incidence coefficient and correlation degree. Then the paper sorts these correlation degrees to confirm the influence degree of the failure modes. Finally, the bleaching information required is obtained.
Authors: Zhen Zhou, Z.H. Guan, J. Luo, L.J. Wang, Y. Qin, G.F. Sun
Abstract: According to the Biot-Savart's Law, the principle of the detecting system which measures the grade of the iron concentrate is analysed in this paper. It carries out an analysis of influence of inductance sensor coil structure parameters on the performance of sensor. The finite element model of the air core coil is established and analysis of finite element simulation is done to inductance sensors by using orthogonal method. According to different structural parameters, the relation of magnetic permeability of the iron concentrate and the inductance of the sensor coil can be established. Moreover, the effect of the sensor coil’s parameter on the linearity and the sensitivity of the sensor can also be determined. All the above provide a reference for the design of coil structure parameter of the inductance sensors.
Authors: Zhen Zhou, Jin Biao Zhang, De Zhong Ma, Yong Qin, Bo Zhang
Abstract: As a kind of important mechanical drive forms, the reliability level of gear transmission directly haves an effect on the performance of mechanical products. At present, the analysis method of main gear transmission failure is the fault tree analysis, which has several limits in describing multi-state events. Bayesian network which is very suitable to express multi-state events and uncertain logical relationships has been successfully applied to fault diagnosis field. Therefore, Bayesian network is researched in this paper in order to improve gear transmission fault tree, solve limits of the fault tree out and make the failure analysis results more objective and accurate.
Authors: Peng He, Zhen Zhou, Lian Peng Wang, Na Wang
Abstract: Light scattering approach and optical measuring instrument are the most popular system in the protein aggregation detection, especially in the therapeutic and diagnostic protein industry. Microsoft windows based software written in Matlab was developed as a teaching/research tool for designing light particle instrument and detection systems. This software incorporates information for lots of optical parameters, formulas and methods. There is a choice among 3 light scattering system design style. The software output includes advising parameter of light particle instrument and detection system, intensity of light scattering at some angle, characteristic curves of light scattering style. The software also provides the capability of visualizing the design layout and performs numerical computation to analyze the experimental data.
Authors: Y. Qin, Xue Hui Wang, Ming Jun Feng, Zhen Zhou, L.J. Wang
Abstract: A data fusion algorithm was established for estimating the state of target tracking system with multi-type sensor. Through Kalman filter regarding the multi-sensors to computer goal estimated value, it can obtain estimation value of goal at moment. And mean square deviation of fusion estimation value was smaller than single sensor's mean square deviation. The simulation results indicated that synchronisms data fusion method was effective to the multi-target tracking problem. Asynchronous multi-sensor fusion process can obtain good control effect in the practice control process.
Authors: Zhen Zhou, Di Xing Li, Yong Qin, Li Feng Liu
Abstract: At present, the error rate of color detecting device is generally between 1%-5%, and mainly for the solids. To improve the detection accuracy further, and adapt liquid color detection, this research uses a new method to build light paths, and combines the United States TAOS's TCS3200 color sensor and STM32 microcontroller. A new type of liquid color detecting device is designed, system structure and testing process of the device are also given. This device has more than 10-bit A/D conversion accuracy, 0.5% or less error rate, and less than 30% of the price of similar products. It has broad promotion and application prospects, and can be widely used in chemistry, biology, grain and other fields.
Authors: Zhen Zhou, L.N. Zhang, Y. Qin, D.Z. Ma, B. Niu
Abstract: Characteristics of field failure data are analyzed in this paper. The failure data and sales record of LZL-type mass flowmeter are used to infer life distribution of this conduct. The lines can be fitted in coordinates of six distribution using least square and the residual sum of squares are compared, the minimum correspond is the best distribution type. The results show that the life distribution style of this conduct is the two parameter exponential distribution, which is the base to analyze and predict failure development, research failure mechanism and draw up maintenance policy.
Authors: Yong Qin, Zhen Zhou, Jing Hou, Li Jie Wang
Abstract: The detection of milk proteins can be achieved by light scattering. But in the process of detection, there are many influences that directly affected the accuracy of detection. On the basis of researching the light scattering characteristic of milk proteins, we have studied the effect of physical-chemical conditions such as scattering angle and temperature on scattering light intensity. Through simulation experiments, we can find that parameters such as scattering angle and temperature also have directly impact to the casein micelle detection. According to the simulation result, the detection parameter has been optimized, the theoretical support and guidance for increase the detection accuracy also has been provided.
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