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Authors: Zheng Hua Xiao, Hong Jian Liao, Akenjiang Tuohuti, Bo Han
Abstract: A series of dynamic triaxial tests were performed to study a dynamic constitutive relationship of saturated remolded loess under cyclic loading. A new dynamic rational function constitutive model based on damping ratio was proposed. The model assumed the calculated damping ratio equaled to the measured damping ratio and the hysteresis curve was consisted by two curves accorded with rational function. This not only ensured that the theoretical hysteresis curve reflected the real energy dissipation of remolded loess but also retained the high calculated efficiency of this model. The hysteresis curve equation under constant amplitude symmetric loading was deduced and results of this model were verified by the tests.
Authors: Hong Jian Liao, Jian Liu, Yan Gang Zhao, Zheng Hua Xiao
Abstract: Analysis of dynamic behavior of soil-structure interaction (SSI) is a complicated problem due to the complexities of soil behaviors and dynamic analysis. It is difficult to solve SSI with analytical methods. However, numerical methods with highly developed computer technique are efficient. Based on the advanced nonlinear finite element analysis software MSC.Marc, SSI on loess ground is studied. An approach for the application of MSC.Marc in SSI analysis is presented and an example is given. Hyperbolic soil constitutive relationship and viscous boundary conditions are adopted in the soil model. Moreover, contact between the embedded columns and the adjacent soil is considered. Response spectrum analysis of the result is carried out. Some conclusions about the seismic response of soil-structure system under different soil stiffness and different soil-layer thickness conditions are given. A new way of analyzing SSI for loess ground is provided.
Authors: Zheng Hua Xiao, Bo Han, Akenjiang Tuohuti, Hong Jian Liao
Abstract: This paper is mainly concerned with the saturated-unsaturated seepage analysis of earth dams based on unsaturated soil theory and the stability analysis of earth dams based on conception of slices. At first, beginning basic seepage theory, thesis introduce the saturated-unsaturated and steady-unsteady seepage differential equation of porous media and the FEM regarding hydraulic pressure head as basic unknown quantity. Then considering the shear strength of unsaturated soil, the method of analysis of general limit equilibrium has been approved and it can be used in the analysis of the stability of saturated-unsaturated slopes. Through an example it is respectively discussed effects of seepage flow when water head is changed in earth dam and the effects of percolation in the stability of the earth dam slope. Some helpful conclusions are gained. This can be making the best of the tow methods and the results can be used in engineering for reference.
Authors: Bo Han, Hong Jian Liao, Wuchuan Pu, Zheng Hua Xiao
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