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Authors: Dan Gao, Zhi Hong Wang, Gang Ren, Zhi Hong Long, Yu Li Chen
Abstract: This paper has discussed the working principle and characteristics of the new commonly used pipeline repair technology by introducing the currently commonly used pipeline repair technology. The new commonly used pipeline repair technology can be classified as two big kinds including one based on excavation and trenchless technology. When selecting the pipeline repair technology, we mainly considerate four factors: whether excavat pipeline , whether cut off the water and the time of cutting off water , the time of pipeline repair , the materials of pipeline repair, and so on . The actual situation and network features of water supply network in Fangcun district of Guangzhou are analysed , the joint repair technology strategies of water supply network which applies to Fangcun district are discussed by synthesizing the applicability, merit and demerit of new pipeline repair technology, and use these as technical reference and guidance for other similar areas .
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