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Authors: Juan Du, Zhang Jian Zhou, Shu Xiang Song, Zhi Hong Zhong, Chang Chun Ge
Abstract: A new resistance sintering method under ultra high pressure has been developed for fabrication of Mo/Cu (functional graded material) FGM. The consolidation was carried out under pressure of 8GPa, and input power of 15kW for 50s. The relative density of the FGM specimen was upwards 98% and the composition distribution was nearly the same as designed one. The micro-hardness and bend strength were measured to evaluate the sintering effects. The densification effect and microstructure of these FGM samples were investigated and the sintering mechanism was discussed.
Authors: Shu Xiang Song, Zhang Jian Zhou, Juan Du, Zhi Hong Zhong, Chang Chun Ge
Abstract: Tungsten coatings with different interlayers onto the oxygen-free copper substrates were fabricated by atmosphere plasma spraying. The effects of different interlayers of NiCrAl, NiAl and W/Cu on bonding strength were studied. SEM, EDS and XRD were used to investigate the photographs and compositions of these coatings. The tungsten coatings with different initial particle sizes resulted in different microstructures. Oxidation was not detected in the tungsten coating, but in the interlayer, it was found by both XRD and EDS. The tungsten coating deposited directly onto the copper substrate presented higher bonding strength than those with different interlayers.
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