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Authors: Chuan Zhi, Zhi Jian Li, Yi Shi
Abstract: The nature of device color characteristic methods is the mutual conversion of device-dependent color space and device-independent color space. This paper does the comparative study on the robustness of some color space conversion methods which are based on fuzzy control, dynamic subspace divided BP neural network identification method, and fuzzy and neural identification method, by defining the robustness of color space conversion model and evaluation method. The result shows that the device color characteristic methods which are based on fuzzy and neural identification method can make the feature of BP neural network combine with fuzzy control to greatly improve the robustness of model.
Authors: Kai Sheng Zhang, Zhi Jian Li, Xin Zhang
Abstract: Super Critical Water Oxidation is an innovative and high technology. This article discussed properties of Super Critical Water (SCW), the reaction mechanism, technological process, strength and weakness of Super Critical Water Oxidation (SCWO).The future of SCWO is also prospected.
Authors: Zhi Jian Li, Qing Han
Abstract: With the widespread use of paper and paper products in China especially in cities, the subsequent negative impact becomes apparent. In the course of paper production and processing, resources and energy are consumed, with large amounts of carbon dioxide emitted, which greatly affects the low-carbon development of cities. Therefore, aiming at the characteristics of current way of paper consumption among urban residents in China, the consumption pattern of paper and paper products based on the low-carbon development of cities is put forward.
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