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Authors: Zong Rong Ying, Zhi Min Dang, Xiao Hui Yan, Xiu Ouyang, Yan Ying Gao
Abstract: Polypropene (PP)/graphite oxide (GO) nanocomposite was prepared via solution blending and studied by adopting polarized optical microscopy observations, X-ray diffraction analysis and differential scanning calorimetry analysis. It is found that GO acts as an effective heterogeneous nucleation agent. The addition of GO doesn’t change the crystalline structure of PP, but leads to the decrease of spherulite dimension. GO makes the temperature of the crystallization exothermic peak increase, the crystallization temperature range and the half width of the crystallization peak narrow.
Authors: Zong Rong Ying, Hai Shen Liu, Rui Yan, Tian Yin Yang, Zhi Min Dang
Abstract: Urea-formaldehyde (UF) resins modified by montmorillonite(MMT) were prepared for coating materials of controlled-release fertilizers. The influences of MMT on the mechanical properties and fertilizer-permeation performance of UF resin were studied. The mechanical properties of modified UF resins are enhanced by the addition of MMT. The shear strength of modified UF resin with 3% MMT increases by nearly 20% and reaches the maximum. The urea permeation rate of modified UF resin membranes decreases with the increasing of membrane thickness and increases with the increasing of MMT content.
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