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Authors: Yan Shu Zhang, Zhi Peng Zeng, X.F. Liu, Quan Lin Jin
Abstract: The microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of magnesium alloy AZ31D processed by equal channel angular extrusion(ECAE) are studied. The processing temperature and the passes of extrusion are important factors to affect the microstructure and mechanical properties of the magnesium alloy during ECAE. In this paper, ECAE was performed at the temperature from 523 to 673K. The ductility increased through the grain refinement after the ECAE because the recrystallization took place and high angle grain boundary formed. The elongation of magnesium alloys AZ31D was improved after the ECAE. The maximum elongation-to-failure of magnesium alloys AZ31D processed by ECAE for 4 passes at 573K and strain rate of 0.5 10−4 s−1 × was 350%.
Authors: Yan Shu Zhang, Zhi Peng Zeng, Quan Lin Jin
Authors: Quan Lin Jin, Zhi Peng Zeng, Yan Shu Zhang
Abstract: A numerical simulation of superplastic backward extrusion of a magnesium alloy part is presented in this paper. In fact, the simulated superplastic forming is not a pure superplastic forming because of the billet with coarse cylindrical grains. The forming may become a pure superplastic forming only after dynamic recrystallization and grain refinement appear and the grain boundary sliding has been the main deformation mechanism. In order to simulate the special forming process, a constitutive relation considering dynamic recrystallization and the multiform deform mechanism and the parameter identification of the constitutive relattion are studied. The program for simulation is able to predict the grain refinement and the transform between different deformation mechanisms. Finally the calculated results on the grain size and dynamic rerystallization are presented. A comparison between the calculated and the experimental results shows there is a good agreement between calculated results and experimental results.
Authors: Zhi Peng Zeng, Yan Shu Zhang, Yi Zhou, Quan Lin Jin
Abstract: An experimental study on superplastic forming of a front fender of 5182 aluminum alloy is presented in this paper. Based on the shape characters of the front fender and the material experimental results, dies, heater and temperature controller for superplastic forming of the fender are designed and manufactured. The SPF results show the designed processing and dies are reasonable and feasible.
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