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Authors: Zhong Feng Guo, Shan Shan Li, Hui Guo
Abstract: Electrical Submersible-motor-driven Progressive Cavity Pumping (ESPCP) oil extraction technology has the advantages of sample technology and management convenience. ESPCP is suitable for the viscous, containing sand, high gas oil ratio oil extraction. Developing history of ESPCP is introduced and the structure and principle are analyzed. The advantages of ESPCP are compared with other oil extraction technology. At last, developing status is discussed and the developing trend is investigated.
Authors: Yi Zhang, Shi Jie Wang, Zhong Feng Guo, Zhong Wei Ren
Abstract: Select two types of nitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR) which they are different in ingredients, under two types of crude oil medium respectively, the test is carried out on the friction testing machine. The test result shows that under the constant intermediate-low rotate speed and constant temperature, the friction coefficient decreases as the load increases; under the constant intermediate-low load and constant temperature, the friction coefficient increases as the rotate speed increases.
Authors: Zhong Feng Guo, Jun Hong Hu, Xue Yan Sun
Abstract: Shape Set Up (SSU) system is the key technology for Hot Strip Mill (HSM). Precise SSU system is applied to improve the strip quality for HSM. The function of SSU, Setup and Feedback, is introduced. The main mathematic model of strip profile is set up. SSU system strategy is studied of a certain domestic 1700mm HSM. The SSU system is carried out in produce and the measurement data show that strip flatness deviant and strip profile deviant could be controlled in target scope. The study has set a sound base to improve the setting accuracy and develop SSU system for HSM further.
Authors: Zhong Feng Guo, Shi Jie Wang, Lei Wang, Yi Zhang, Zhong Wei Ren
Abstract: For studying physical properties of Nitrile Butadiene Rubber(NBR) stator of Electrical Submersible-motor-driven Progressive Cavity Pumping (ESPCP) with oil erosion, two different formulations of NBR soaked in crude oil at 90 °C for 168h. Variation rule with time of rubber quality, hardness, volume, tensile strength and elongation rate are got. The results show that erosion in the same temperature, rubber quality increase rapidly in the first 24h, increase slowly down in 24~168h. Rubber hardness does not change significantly soaked within 168h. Rubber volume change obviously in the first 72h and change slowly in 72~168h. In the first 96h, the rubber's tensile strength and elongation rate change quickly, slowly changes in 96~168h. The study has a certain reference of design of ESPCP stator under certain operating conditions.
Authors: Zhong Feng Guo, Jun Hong Hu, Xue Yan Sun
Abstract: Roll wear model for Hot Strip Mill (HSM) was researched and the factors affect roll wear are analyzed. The simulation program was compiled by program visual C++ language and work roll wear was calculated according to the rolling schedule. Calculation results shows that roll wear like box shape. Strip width affects roll wear clearly. The strip length is one of the important issues which affect roll wear. Work roll wear of F7 top roll middle get to 280μm after a rolling schedule. Roll wear curve calculated by program were good agreement with the wear curve got by high-precision grinder. The results show that the roll wear model has high accuracy.
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