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Authors: Min Zhou, Zhong Fu Wang, Si Wei Wang
Abstract: In this paper, in order to analyze the capability of squeezed branch pile under different work condition and the cooperation mechanism between the pile and soil, non-liner numerical simulation was carried out using ANSYS. In the finite element model, the elastic-perfectly plastic Drucker-Prager material was assumed for soil. Contact interface elements were placed between the pile and soil. It showed that the squeezed branches took lots of the load, and the ratio it took was related to the load and the elastic modulus of soil; the plastic section of the soil was run-through from bottom to the top; the horizontal displacement of the top soil was moved to the pile, but the horizontal displacement of the soil of the bottom was moved away from the pile; the squeezed branch will break away from the soil above the squeezed branch when the load was at a certain value.
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