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Authors: Zhong Jun Xiao
Abstract: For the modern pulp and paper industry with high technical requirement, huge energy consumption and large pollution output, the computer integrated process system (CIPS) of the flow industry which could effectively integrate corporate management concept, information technology and automatic control technology is necessary. Based on the analysis of the characteristics of various workshop sections of the pulp and paper industry, we put forward the CIPS three-layer system structure (ERP, MES and PCS) which could be applied in the pulp and paper industry, and a new CIPS optimized application project based on SIMATIC PCS7 software platform for the papermaking corporation is realized.
Authors: Xing Ping Liu, Zhong Jun Xiao
Abstract: According to the user’s high technical requirement in papermaking process, advanced control system has been supplied to satisfy the performances. Meanwhile, energy consumption and cost are considered. The computer integrated process system (CIPS) of process industry which could effectively integrate enterprise resource planning, management execution system and process control system information is necessary and suitable for papermaking process. Here based on the analysis of pulp and paper process, we put forward the papermaking process computer integrated process system and try to obtain the optimal control project and execution system. And a novel optimized application project based on SIMATIC PCS7 distributed control system proves the excellence of computer integrated process system.
Authors: Zhong Jun Xiao, Xing Ping Liu, Bao Xia Hou
Abstract: According to the analysis of papermaking process, combined with the principle of cross-directional basis weight(BW) detecting and controlling, predictive function control based on CARMA(Controlled Auto Return Integral Moving Average Model) model is proposed to solve the problem of time delay, nonlinearity and uncertainty of the multi-dimension system. Simulations show that multivariable predictive functional control algorithm for fast tracking velocity, good dynamic performance, and it can effectively reduce the mutual coupling effects between variables. The method has the feasibility of applying to practical papermaking process.
Authors: Jian Bing Huang, Duo Ning, Zhong Jun Xiao
Abstract: According to the features of papermaking production line, a new kind domestic distributed control system MACS is developed here for the practice application. The methods of hardware component and software realization for the control system are proposed. Practices prove that the novel distributed control system for the paper-making production line can run automatically, safely and smoothly which can achieve high performance index, and it can sharply reduce the cost of construction and installation as well as the cost of maintenance.
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