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Authors: Ke Zhang, Xiao Yu Zhao, Shu Li Liu, Zhong Qiu Cao, Hui Zhang
Abstract: Mg(NH2)2 was synthesized by first high energy milling MgH2 powder in a 99.995% NH3 atmosphere and then heat treating at 300oC, and hydrogen storage properties of prepared Mg(NH2)2+2.2LiH (molar ratio) had been studied in the temperature range of 150-240oC. It was found that mechanical milling of Mg (NH2)2 and LiH with molar ratio 1:2.2 followed by heat treatment under static hydrogen pressure and dehydrogenating at 208.5oC yields the desired reversible hydrogen storage phase: Li2Mg(NH)2. Desorption kinetics reveal a rapid reaction for the system and the maximum hydrogen capacity can reach 4.6 wt. % at 208.5oC. The system starts to dehydrogenate at 150oC and the Arrhenius activation energy Ea of desorption reaction can be determined to be 25.8 kJ/mol H2 based on the data of kinetics. Additionally, the desorption reaction enthalpy (H) and entropy (S) are calculated to be 42.8 kJ/mol H2 and 149.2 J. K-1/ mol H2 respectively from PCI measurements.
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