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Authors: Zhong Wei Ren, Zhen Yun Duan, Wen Hui Zhao, Yi Zhang
Abstract: In order to improve the integration and automation level of control system of bellows automatic welding equipment, an open control system of bellows welding equipment is proposed which is based on "PC+motion controller" according to the characteristics of welding bellows and current technology of welding control. IPC D610 and the motion card NextmoveES is effectively connectted by RS232 + RS232 / RS485 communication interface. And the integrated top software of control system is developped by using VB based on API function which is provided by controller, parameters setting and real time monitoring tasks module are completely integrated on one system. The syetem is reliable and effectively, the automation level of the bellows welding is greatly improved.
Authors: Zhong Wei Ren, Ming Song, Lin Yang
Abstract: The hardware system of a special machine tool was improved by the structure of "PC + motion controller" by DMC 1832 controller, meanwhile software design was implemented by VB6.0. The entire motion control system was responsible for the motion controller by using the PC as the core processing section. The whole process of lathe processing was controlled by servo motor, the overall framework of transformation was given. The system has been applied to process the superfine adjustable slender axis. In addition, the system can be secondly developed according to the actual processing needs, it has broad application prospects.
Authors: Yi Zhang, Shi Jie Wang, Zhong Feng Guo, Zhong Wei Ren
Abstract: Select two types of nitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR) which they are different in ingredients, under two types of crude oil medium respectively, the test is carried out on the friction testing machine. The test result shows that under the constant intermediate-low rotate speed and constant temperature, the friction coefficient decreases as the load increases; under the constant intermediate-low load and constant temperature, the friction coefficient increases as the rotate speed increases.
Authors: Zhong Wei Ren, Ming Song, Ya Fei Liu, Li Ying Luo, Yang Liu
Abstract: Fan nozzle is the core component of tool cooling system, but the study on spray characteristics of the nozzle is not deep enough. Solid Works model of fan nozzle was established in this paper, the injection characteristics of nozzle are simulated by FLUENT analysis. Influence law of the injection characteristics of fan nozzle was studied by changing some parameters of fan nozzle spray in the process, such as liquid viscosity, nozzle flow, operating pressure and surface tension. The simulation results show that in the case of other parameters are the same, the higher the operating pressure is, the higher the jet velocity of fan nozzle is, the jet diffusion of fan nozzle along a flat direction increases firstly and then decreases; The higher the liquid surface tension is, the smaller the jet diffusion of fan nozzle along a flat direction, but the influence of liquid surface tension to the jet velocity of fan nozzle outlet can be neglected.
Authors: Zhong Wei Ren, Zhen Yun Duan, Wen Hui Zhao, Wei Wei Jiang
Abstract: In order to improve the welding speed, quality and automation level of thin-walled bellow, on-line detection and tracking welding control technology is proposed which includes on-line detection system and tracking welding control system. Based on laser sensor, on-line detection system can rapidly filter the data, and the data is stored in a queue, the control system which is based on motion control card is developed by using ActiveX controls for programming, VB is used to develop the integrated user operating system, other control tasks are completely integrated on this system to realize real-time welding control bellow. Results showed that the system is reliable and effectively, the automation level of the bellow welding is greatly improved.
Authors: Zhong Wei Ren, Zhen Yun Duan, Wen Hui Zhao, Guo Fu Tian, Yuan Tao Wang
Abstract: In order to improve the welding quality and welding speed of irregular bellows, according to the characteristic of welding seam of bellows, an automatic and on-line detection technology is proposed in welding technique. The infrared laser sensor is used for measuring with non-contact and real-time detection of welded joint center, the position of welding seam is transfered by the IEEE-1394(Fire Wire). After data preprocessing, the coordinates of feature point are extracted, be storaged and forecasted, then sent to the control system, the moving of welding gun is controlled along track scanning. According to the accuracy analysis of on-line detection system of bellows, the technology of tracking measurement is stable and reliable, and it is effective for improving measuring accuracy and efficiency.
Authors: Zhong Wei Ren, Ming Song, Lin Yang, Yu Kun He
Abstract: An open numerical control system was built based on DMC movement controller. The system was simple and practical for most common CNC machine tools transform. The open numerical control system was introduced, the hardware connection and user interface program were designed combined with CA6140 lathe. The constructed CNC system has general functions of CNC system, the jog and interpolated motion can be realized, and this open control system can reach the requirements of customer. The experiments indicate that the open numerical control system can be applied to other machine tools, it has certain efficiency and usability.
Authors: Wen Hui Zhao, Zhen Yun Duan, Zhong Wei Ren
Abstract: Surfaces formed by rotating quadratic curve are widely applied in engineering practice. After having studied machining methods and machines, the CNC grinding method based on macro program B for borosilicate glass elliptical cone surface machine with high precision is proposed. Within the allowable error, the coordinates are calculated according to the equation of axial section curve and the surface is formed with tools moving on axial section curve. Through setting parameters of the lathe, the new canned cycle can be defined to process all different kinds of the elliptical cone surface of same type. With surface triangle adaptive measurement method, machined elliptical cone surface can be detected on coordinate-measuring machine and compared with the theoretical curve. The tolerance resulted from analysis is within 0.025mm. Except ellipsoidal surface all solids of rotation and their deformation, in which their axial sections are represented with equation, can be processed and measured with this method.
Authors: Zhong Feng Guo, Shi Jie Wang, Lei Wang, Yi Zhang, Zhong Wei Ren
Abstract: For studying physical properties of Nitrile Butadiene Rubber(NBR) stator of Electrical Submersible-motor-driven Progressive Cavity Pumping (ESPCP) with oil erosion, two different formulations of NBR soaked in crude oil at 90 °C for 168h. Variation rule with time of rubber quality, hardness, volume, tensile strength and elongation rate are got. The results show that erosion in the same temperature, rubber quality increase rapidly in the first 24h, increase slowly down in 24~168h. Rubber hardness does not change significantly soaked within 168h. Rubber volume change obviously in the first 72h and change slowly in 72~168h. In the first 96h, the rubber's tensile strength and elongation rate change quickly, slowly changes in 96~168h. The study has a certain reference of design of ESPCP stator under certain operating conditions.
Authors: Lin Yang, Peng Wang, Zhong Wei Ren, Fang Fang, Yan Li
Abstract: By analysing the processing characteristics of varied diameter slender shaft parts, and according to the basic vibration theory of slender shaft, a production machine is designed,moreover, a solution with flexible hydraulic follower rest and elastic tailstock is adopted creatively. Experimental results show that this machine tools can effectively improve radial dimensional accuracy,surface quality and production efficiency of the varied diameter slender shaft parts and it has a wide range of engineering significance.
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