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Authors: Zsolt Kovács, Nguyen Q. Chinh, Janos Lendvai, Z. Horita, Terence G. Langdon
Authors: Nguyen Q. Chinh, Judit Illy, Zsolt Kovács, Z. Horita, Terence G. Langdon
Authors: Zsolt Kovács, P. Henits, Alexandre P. Zhilyaev, Nguyen Q. Chinh, Ádám Révész
Abstract: Discs of Al85Ce8Ni5Co2 amorphous alloy were severely deformed by high pressure torsion. Severe plastic deformation exceeding equivalent strain of 8.2 induces the formation of nanocrystalline fcc-Al in a more stable residual amorphous matrix. Calorimetric and X-ray diffraction measurements revealed that the deformed outer part of the disc crystallizes into a mixture of equilibrium phases during the first thermal event. However, in the amorphous ribbon the same crystalline mixture develops only after the second stage.
Authors: Ádám Révész, L. Nagy, Gábor Ribárik, Zsolt Kovács, Tamás Ungár, Janos Lendvai
Authors: I. Schiller, Jenő Gubicza, Zsolt Kovács, Nguyen Q. Chinh, Judit Illy
Abstract: Supersaturated Al-4.8Zn-1.2Mg-0.14Zr and Al-5.7Zn-1.9Mg-0.35Cu (wt.%) alloys were processed by Equal-Channel Angular Pressing (ECAP) at 200°C. The crystallite size distribution and the characteristic parameters of the dislocation structure of both Al matrix and precipitates were determined by X-ray diffraction line profile analysis, which has been complemented by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) observations. The results show that severe plastic deformation promotes the precipitation process and consequently has a strong influence on the strength of these alloys.
Authors: Nguyen Q. Chinh, Zsolt Kovács, L. Reich, F. Székely, Judit Illy, Janos Lendvai
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