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Authors: Willem J.J. Vorster, M.W. van der Watt, A.M. Venter, E.C. Oliver, Alexander M. Korsunsky

Abstract: This paper describes the thermo-elasto-plastic analysis of bath and spray quenched AISI 316L cylinders. A suitably detailed continuum...

Authors: A.M. Venter, M.W. van der Watt, Robert C. Wimpory, Rainer Schneider, P.J. McGrath, M. Topic

Abstract: Bending of metal plates with high-energy laser beams presents a flexible materials forming technique where bending results from the...

Authors: M.E. Samiji, E. van Wyk, L. Wu, A.M. Venter, A.W.R. Leitch
Authors: M.E. Samiji, A.M. Venter, A.W.R. Leitch
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