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Authors: Kazuki Abe, Akira Izumi

Abstract: Cu has been used as interconnection and lead frame in ULSIs. However, the oxidation and contamination of Cu are not easily avoided. As a...

Authors: Kenichi Sano, Masayuki Wada, Frederik E. Leys, Roger Loo, Andriy Hikavyy, Paul W. Mertens, James Snow, Akira Izumi, Katsuhiko Miya, Atsuro Eitoku

Abstract: Strained silicon engineering was first used at the 90-nm node. Nowadays, a series of techniques has seen wide-spread use and many...

Authors: Kenichi Sano, Frederik E. Leys, G. Dilliway, Roger Loo, Paul W. Mertens, James Snow, Akira Izumi, Atsuro Eitoku
Authors: Katsuhiko Miya, Takuya Kishimoto, Akira Izumi
Authors: Akira Izumi, T. Nakayamada

Abstract: Highly transparent silicon carbon nitride (SiCN) films were prepared by hot wire chemical vapor deposition (HWCVD) at low temperature as...

Authors: Y. Kumashiro, S. Ikeda, Akira Izumi

Abstract: We investigated hydrogen radical copper cleaning via the hot-wire method using only a rotary pump for the vacuum exhaust system. The copper...

Authors: Kenichi Sano, Akira Izumi, Atsuro Eitoku, James Snow, L. Nyns, S. Kubicek, R. Singanamalla, O. Richard, Thierry Conard, Rita Vos, Paul W. Mertens
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