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Authors: Alexander Stronski, Elena Achimova, Oleksandr Paiuk, Alexei Meshalkin, Vladimir Abashkin, Oksana Lytvyn, Sergei Sergeev, Alexander Prisacar, Pavel Oleksenko, Genadii Triduh
Abstract: Processes of e-beam and holographic recording of surface-relief structures using Ge5As37S58–Se multilayer nanostructures as registering media were studied in this paper. Optical properties of Ge5As37S58, Se layers and Ge5As37S58–Se multilayer nanostructures were investigated. Spectral dependencies of refractive index were analyzed within the frames of single-oscillator model. Values of optical band gaps for Ge5As37S58, Se layers and Ge5As37S58–Se multilayer nanostructures were obtained from Tauc dependencies. Holographic recording process depends on the polarization of the recording beams. Using e-beam and holographic recording diffraction gratings and other elements were recorded in Ge5As37S58–Se multilayer nanostructures.
Authors: Alexander Stronski
Abstract: Defect configuration of Ge5As37S58 chalcogenide glasses was studied by positron annihilation lifetime spectra (PALS). Size of nanovoids was determined using Liaos formula for radius of nanovoids in spherical approximation. Peculiarities of structural features were obtained from Raman spectra.
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