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Authors: S. Iqbal, Anand Krishna Asundi

Abstract: A Multipoint Diffraction Strain Sensor (MISS) with the novel feature of simultaneous strain measurement at multiple points is...

Authors: Taslima Khanam, Ahmad Rashedi, Sujan Chowdhury, Anand Krishna Asundi

Abstract: Two image processing methods for the detection of particle based on digital holography are presented and compared. The image processing...

Authors: Lei Huang, Anand Krishna Asundi

Abstract: Phase retrieval from fringe patterns is a primary procedure in fringe projection profilometry. Only accurate phase values result in three...

Authors: Vijay Raj Singh, Anand Krishna Asundi

Abstract: In this paper, in-line digital holography is combined with time average method and applied for vibration analysis of an aluminum membrane....

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