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Authors: Jens Gibmeier, Manuela Klaus, Berthold Scholtes

Abstract: The deformation behavior of the magnesium base alloy AZ31 was studied by means of energy dispersive diffraction using high energy...

Authors: Andreas Nau, Berthold Scholtes

Abstract: There is a strong need for reliable residual stress measurements. On the one hand, residual stresses can be beneficial, when they are...

Authors: Jens Gibmeier, Berthold Scholtes
Authors: Andreas Nau, Goetz G. Feldmann, Joao P. Nobre, Wolfgang Zinn, Berthold Scholtes

Abstract: The incremental hole-drilling method is the method of choice to determine residual stress depth distributions with limited costs and minor...

Authors: Joao P. Nobre, Martin Kornmeier, A. Morão Dias, Berthold Scholtes
Authors: Joao P. Nobre, U. Noster, Martin Kornmeier, A. Morão Dias, Berthold Scholtes
Authors: Jens Gibmeier, Stefan Hartmann, Berthold Scholtes

Abstract: Various methods have been proposed in recent years for the determination of mechanical properties of a material by using instrumented...

Authors: I. Altenberger, U. Noster, B.L. Boyce, J.O. Peters, Berthold Scholtes, Robert O. Ritchie
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