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Authors: Bin Zhu

Abstract: Our developments on ceramic composite conductors have experienced about 15 years from the oxyacid-salts oxide proton-based conductors,...

Authors: Rizwan Raze, Xiao Di Wang, Ying Ma, Yi Zhong Huang, Bin Zhu

Abstract: This work first explores high resolution transmission electron microscopy (TEM) to determine the interfacial regions and provide...

Authors: Bin Zhu, Xiang Rong Liu, Jun Cai Sun
Authors: Bin Zhu, Fei Hu Zhang, H. Niu
Authors: Jing Di, Ming Ming Chen, Cheng Yang Wang, Jia Ming Zheng, Bin Zhu

Abstract: Composites consisting of Ce0.8Sm0.2O1.9 (SDC)-carbonate were developed as electrolytes for low temperature solid oxide fuel cells (LTSOFC)....

Authors: B. Feng, Cheng Yang Wang, Bin Zhu

Abstract: Low temperature (300 to 650 °C) ceramic fuel cells (LTCFCs) were developed by using novel AC-MO-CSC anode material based on activated...

Authors: Bin Zhu, Xiang Rong Liu, Ye Cheng, Mi Lin Zhang

Abstract: The all-ceria-composite ITSOFCs have demonstrated extraordinary fuel cell performances since the ceria-composite electrodes are very...

Authors: M.W. Qi, T.S. Shi, S.S. Tan, Bin Zhu, P. Cai, Long Quan Liu, Duan Lin Que, L.B. Li
Authors: Zhi Yao Hou, Xiao Di Wang, Jun Wang, Bin Zhu

Abstract: This paper studied structures of ceria-carbonate two-phase composites, with an emphasis on the interfacial structures and interactions...

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