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Authors: Jeah Wan Kim, Byung Joo Park
Abstract: The Smart Phone market is gradually being extended, and Mobile communication devices in the form of a miniaturized computers has evolved. However, there are limitations due to the nature of the smart phone devices, operating systems and applications is an obstacle in driving. A solution to solve these problems for mobilecloudcomputing technology is attracting attention. However, low compatibility between services without clear standards and specifications is Free. In this paper, in order to solve these problems, utilizing SOA, mobile computing, integrated interface to configure a methodology for cloud services is proposed.
Authors: Byung Joo Park, Farkhod A. Alisherov, Byeong Yun Chang
Abstract: Using a hierarchy that differentiates local mobility from global mobility is more appropriate to the Internet because it improves handoff performance, minimizes the loss of packets that may occur during transition and significantly reduces the mobility management signaling load on the Internet. But the only disadvantage of the Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 is that Mobility Anchor Point are sometimes "far away" and there is too much signaling from the mobile node. This paper assumes a new messaging architecture for the Hierarchical Mobile IPv6, which can shorten the signaling from the mobile node and minimize the handoff latency.
Authors: Sung Gyu Kim, Byung Joo Park
Abstract: This paper proposes a solution for solving packet loss and out-of-sequence problems in standard Hierarchical MIPv6. These days, the need for Mobile IPTV on Wireless devices which provide IPTV is rapidly increasing. Due to the development of Internet-based IPTV and wireless devices using an increased Mobile network, which uses mobile devices, handovers during movement are bound to be inevitable. Standard MIPv6 (Mobile IPv6) in the event of a handover needs more time to process which will lead to problems, such as packet loss and the out-of-sequence problems. For these reasons, providing wireless services is more difficult than providing wired services. To solve these problems, many protocols have been developed, but a lot of challenges still remain to be solved. We proposed a scheme to solve the packet loss and packet out-of-sequence problems and it also focused on providing better services for Mobile IPTV. We used HMIPv6 (Hierarchical Mobile IPv6) for improvement of handover procedures.
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