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Authors: Mark J. Eaton, Karen M. Holford, C.A. Featherston, Rhys Pullin

Abstract: The presence of impact damage in a carbon fibre composite can reduce its capacity to support an in-plane load, which can lead to an...

Authors: Mark J. Eaton, Rhys Pullin, C.A. Featherston, Karen M. Holford

Abstract: Damage detection and location in aerospace composites is currently of great interest in the research community and is being driven by the...

Authors: J.A. Badham, C.A. Featherston, J.A. Brandon
Authors: Timothy P. Bradshaw, Mark J. Eaton, Rhys Pullin, S.L. Evans, C.A. Featherston

Abstract: Eight composite plates 400x410x2.15mm were fabricated from carbon/epoxy in ((0,90)4)s lay-up. To ensure there was no damage in the plates...

Authors: C.A. Featherston, Mark J. Eaton, S.L. Evans, Karen M. Holford, Rhys Pullin, Matthew Cole

Abstract: The effect of lightning attachment to structures and vehicles is a cause of major concern to a number of different industries, in particular...

Authors: M. Arnold, C.A. Featherston, Matthew R. Pearson, J. Lees, Aleksander Kural

Abstract: Autonomous structural health monitoring systems with independent power sources and wireless sensor nodes are increasingly seen as the best...

Authors: C.A. Featherston, Karen M. Holford, Bea Greaves

Abstract: The concept of harvesting energy is not a new one: there has been an interest in this area for around 10 years. Devices typically use either...

Authors: C.A. Featherston, Karen M. Holford, C.A. Holt, D. Manning, A. Claisse
Authors: O.J. Wood, C.A. Featherston, D. Kennedy, Mark J. Eaton, Rhys Pullin

Abstract: Accurate knowledge regarding the ongoing condition of an aircraft’s structural condition together with future life predictions enable...

Authors: C.A. Featherston, J. Mortimer, Mark J. Eaton, Richard L. Burguete, Rhiannon Johns

Abstract: For a structure subjected to an intermediate velocity impact in which the duration of loading is in the order of milliseconds and in excess...

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