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Authors: Cheng Qun Li, Si Si Bai, Zhi Cun Liu
Abstract: Introducing the structure components and work principle of electric power steering system, analyzing the flaw of the used structure. In order to solve this problem, it proposed a novel transmission equipment—magnetic field modulation magnetic gear which can be used on the electric power steering system. Utilizing resolution to analysis the principle of magnetic field modulation magnetic gear, meanwhile, expounding the feasibility of its use on the electric power steering system.
Authors: Fu Jin Li, Xia Li, Cheng Qun Li
Abstract: This paper introduces a control system of brushless direct current motor (BLDCM) for Battery Electric Vehicle. The core of the control system is the TMS320F28035 of TI Company. Hardware and control strategy were also introduced. The result of the simulation proved that it is very effective to use Sliding Mode Variable Structure as the control strategy.
Authors: Cheng Qun Li, Chun Bin Yang, Jian Gong Li
Abstract: On the basis of the research on the domestic and foreign binding machine, this article describes a new model of binding machine. Its compact structure is easy to operate and maintain. solidworks software is applied for modeling. Based on the plc-300 cpu module control system, not only ensures the speed and reliability bunch, but also gives good man-machine interactions. Hydraulic system saves energy effectively. Hydraulic components are distributed in the surface of its structure and easy to check repair.
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