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Authors: Chong Jin, Hong Wang, Xiao Zhou Xia

Abstract: Based on the superiority avoiding the matrix equation to be morbid for those fitting functions constructed by orthogonal base, the Legendre...

Authors: Hong Wang, Chong Jin, Xiao Zhou Xia, Zhong Ping Wang

Abstract: Using arc-length method, the progress of solving nonlinear function is discussed for designing new numerical analyzing tool, and the frame...

Authors: Hong Wang, Chong Jin, Xiao Zhou Xia, Hong Yuan

Abstract: A fitting curve of stress-strain relation given is applied in numerical analyzing based on Legendre orthogonal polynomial and least square...

Authors: Hong Wang, Chong Jin, Hong Yuan, Xiao Zhou Xia

Abstract: In order to simulate the elastic-plastic behavior of concrete better, an effective curve fitting method is employed to find the constitutive...

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