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Authors: Zheng Zhao Liang, Chun An Tang, De Shen Zhao, Yong Bin Zhang, Tao Xu, Hou Quan Zhang

Abstract: A newly developed numerical code MFPA3D is applied to simulate the progressive damage and failure process of laminated cylindrical...

Authors: S.K. Au, Shan Yong Wang, K.C. Lam, Chun An Tang

Abstract: Disastrous rock slope failures have been posing a hazard to people’s lives and causing enormous economic losses worldwide. Numerical...

Authors: Shan Yong Wang, S.K. Au, K.C. Lam, Chun An Tang

Abstract: Based on cusp-type catastrophe theory, a sample rock-rock (hypocenter surrounding the rock) model for studying the pillar rockburst...

Authors: Zhu Jie He, Tao Xu, Chun An Tang

Abstract: In this paper, the bond length effect of FRP plate on bonding performance and the distribution patterns of the stress in FRP plate was...

Authors: Shu Hong Wang, Chun An Tang, Wan Cheng Zhu, Kai Zhang
Authors: De Shen Zhao, Tao Xu, Chun An Tang, Hou Quan Zhang, Zheng Zhao Liang

Abstract: Using a newly-developed Material Failure Process Analysis code (MFPA3D), the micro-fracturing process and the avalanche behavior...

Authors: P. Lin, R.H.C. Wong, Yu Fang Fu, Chun An Tang, W.Y. Zhou
Authors: Qing Lei Yu, Chun An Tang, Zheng Zhao Liang, Shi Bin Tang

Abstract: This paper presents a new meso-mechanical analysis method of rock failure. The actual inhomogeneity of rock at meso-scale level is...

Authors: Wan Cheng Zhu, Jin Chao Duan, Chun An Tang, Shan Yong Wang

Abstract: Rock and concrete are typical heterogeneous material that the meso-scale heterogeneity may have a significant effect on their macro-scale...

Authors: Lian Chong Li, Chun An Tang, P.A. Lindqvist

Abstract: Using RFPA code, analyses have been carried out to investigate the stability of a rock pillar in a experiment for nuclear waste...

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