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Authors: Chung Hsin Lu, V. Natarajan

Abstract: The emission of Sn2+ ion can vary from blue to red depending on its co-ordination number in the host lattice. Since Sn2+ ion has strong...

Authors: Ching Hua Chiang, Kook D. Pae, Chung Hsin Lu

Abstract: The feasibility of an internal heating method for the fabrication of large-scale nanostructured TiO2 samples by high pressure/low...

Authors: Chung Hsin Lu, Po Chi Wu

Abstract: Barium titanate powders were synthesized via a hydrothermal process at 120-180 using titanium oxide powder with different particle sizes...

Authors: Chung Hsin Lu, Jen Hsien Huang, Hsieh Hsin Chen, Po Hsiung Huang

Abstract: TiO2 sol with steady suspension and high photocatalytic activity was prepared via a precipitation-peptization method. The XRD results...

Authors: Chung Hsin Lu, Chien Hao Huang, Chung Tao Chen, Sheng Min Wang, Shu Jiuan Huang, Dorcas Zhang, Ramakant Kadam

Abstract: The photoluminescent properties of BaMgAl10O17: Eu2+ synthesized via a sol-gel process employing citric acid (CA) and ethylene glycol (EG)...

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