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Authors: Hyo Young Kim, Jung Jae Kim, Da Hoon Ahn, Dae Gab Gweon, Chan Gon Park, Dong Pyo Hong
Abstract: Flexure hinges have been widely used as mechanisms for high precision positioning stages that have a micrometer or nanometer resolution. This paper describes the analysis of a 3-DOF rotationally symmetric hinge for the vertical mask aligner stage. The vertical mask aligner stage was designed to overcome the bending of masks by gravity. In order to align the mask and the wafer, the vertical mask aligner stage has one linear motion and yaw rotating motions (Z, Θx, Θy). The new vertical mask aligner stage will try to use rotationally symmetric hinges. These rotationally symmetric hinges would act as guide mechanisms. However, the exact 6-DOF stiffness analysis of the rotationally symmetric hinge did not use these hinges as guide mechanisms. Therefore, this paper focuses on the stiffness analysis of the rotationally symmetric hinges.
Authors: Da Hoon Ahn, Dae Gab Gweon, Dong Pyo Hong
Abstract: This letter suggests a method to improve tracking performance of an H-type XY stage with air bearings and flexure hinge mechanisms. The flexure hinge mechanisms are employed to prevent failure of the air bearings when the yaw motion error of the H-type stage is controlled using a control algorithm called gantry control. Adoption of the flexure hinge mechanism combined with the gantry control leads to occurrence of mutual ripple. Ripple should be handled to obtain good tracking performance. Modeling of the mutual ripple and simulation of two compensation algorithms are presented.
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