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Authors: Ki Hyun Kim, Dae Gab Gweon, Hyun Soo Jung, Soo Hun Lee, Min Sung Hong, Moon G. Lee

Abstract: Design of design of X-Y-Theta fine stage using VCM (voice coil motor) is presented in this paper. This fine stage is combined with linear...

Authors: Hyo Young Kim, Jung Jae Kim, Da Hoon Ahn, Dae Gab Gweon, Chan Gon Park, Dong Pyo Hong

Abstract: Flexure hinges have been widely used as mechanisms for high precision positioning stages that have a micrometer or nanometer resolution....

Authors: Dong Yeon Lee, Dae Gab Gweon

Abstract: This paper shows a method of designing a nano-positioning planar scanner that can be used in a scanning probe microscope. The planar...

Authors: Da Hoon Ahn, Dong Pyo Hong, Dae Gab Gweon

Abstract: Voice coil motor is an electromagnetic actuator widely used for motion generation. The main weakness of a voice coil motor is small force....

Authors: Myeong Hyeon Kim, Hyun Chang Kim, Dong Pyo Hong, Dae Gab Gweon

Abstract: This paper proposes the concept development and design of a VCM actuator for Active Vibration Isolation System (AVIS). Active vibration...

Authors: Kyoungchon Kim, Dae Gab Gweon, Dong Pyo Hong, Byoungkuk Lee

Abstract: Dynamic performance in the H-type stage as precision positioning system is important specification to guarantee precise accuracy. As the...

Authors: Da Hoon Ahn, Dae Gab Gweon, Dong Pyo Hong

Abstract: This letter suggests a method to improve tracking performance of an H-type XY stage with air bearings and flexure hinge mechanisms. The...

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