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Authors: Zhi Qing Yuan, Xian Wang, Ji Ping Bin, Qi Long Liu, Hai Yun Jiang, De Jian Zhao, Ruo Mei Wu, Hong Chen
Abstract: In this work, the anti-icing properties of different poly (vinyl chloride) coatings with different wettabilities were investigated in a climatic chamber with a working temperature of −10 °C. Compared with smooth poly (vinyl chloride) coating, the superhydrophobic poly (vinyl chloride) coating with high sliding angle did not show obvious anti-icing property. However, the superhydrophobic poly (vinyl chloride) coating with low sliding angle can largely prevent ice formation on the surface, showing excellent anti-icing property.
Authors: Zhuan Wei, Guang Jun Hua, De Jian Zhao
Abstract: The aspect ratio is one of the important factors that impact the corrugated box compression strength. In this paper, the three most commonly method that can be used to obtain the corrugated boxes’ compression strength, namely testing method, classic formula method and computer simulation method were compared. Selecting some 0201 BC flute corrugated boxes as the object, on the condition that the cardboard materials, carton height and circumference of the corrugated box is at the same, the compression strength of corrugated boxes which aspect range from 1 to 3 were tested and calculated respectively by compression strength testing method and classical formula. The results show that when the aspect ratio changes from 1 to 3, the compression strength increase at first, and then decrease; the compression strength reach maximum when the aspect ratio at 1.6 or so. The results show that the classic formula calculation data are large deviate from the testing ones. Research shows that due to not fully take into account the influence of corrugated cardboard quality, box forming process, temperature and humidity and other factors, the currently classic compression strength formula are more conservative.
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