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Authors: Ralph Gilles, Debashis Mukherji, H. Eckerlebe, Pavel Strunz, Joachim Rösler
Abstract: Single crystal Ni-base superalloys based on the  /  system are widely used in gas turbine applications. To understand the formation of  precipitates, including size distribution and growth, we performed in situ small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) measurements at elevated temperatures and - together with TEM as well as , SEM imaging - studied changes in the precipitates in short and long time scale. In the early stages, a bimodal precipitate size distribution of precipitate is observed, which (depending on the annealing temperature) changes to a cuboidal or nearly spherical morphology with almostmore or less uniform ( unimodal?) size distribution. [Note: The term "more or less" is several times repeated in the text. I cannot imagine what it in fact means. Could you change it or explain in a more clear way?]
Authors: Debashis Mukherji, Joachim Rösler
Abstract: Although Ni-base superalloys meet the gas turbine needs of today, they are used very close to their melting range. Demands for applications at higher temperatures are presently met partly through component cooling and application of thermal barrier coatings. However, this approach can not be sustained indefinitely unless the base metal melting temperature is also significantly increased. Rhenium addition can substantially increase the melting point in Co-base alloys and thereby provide a unique opportunity in the development of new alloys for very high temperatures – e.g. for applications at +100°C metal temperature above present day single crystal Ni-base superalloys. The design considerations behind the Co-Re alloy development are presented in this paper. Selected results from the alloy development studies are also presented.
Authors: Ralph Gilles, Debashis Mukherji, Dominique Del Genovese, Pavel Strunz, Bruno Barbier, Winfried A. Kockelmann, Joachim Rösler, Hartmut Fuess
Authors: Debashis Mukherji, S. Piegert, Joachim Rösler
Authors: Pavel Strunz, Debashis Mukherji, Ralph Gilles, Joachim Rösler, A. Wiedenmann
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