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Authors: Ralph Gilles, Debashis Mukherji, H. Eckerlebe, Pavel Strunz, Joachim Rösler

Abstract: Single crystal Ni-base superalloys based on the  /  system are widely used in gas turbine applications. To understand the formation of ...

Authors: Debashis Mukherji, Joachim Rösler

Abstract: Although Ni-base superalloys meet the gas turbine needs of today, they are used very close to their melting range. Demands for applications...

Authors: Ralph Gilles, Debashis Mukherji, Dominique Del Genovese, Pavel Strunz, Bruno Barbier, Winfried A. Kockelmann, Joachim Rösler, Hartmut Fuess
Authors: Debashis Mukherji, S. Piegert, Joachim Rösler
Authors: Pavel Strunz, Debashis Mukherji, Ralph Gilles, Joachim Rösler, A. Wiedenmann
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