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Authors: Byung Sun Kim, Dock Jin Lee, Ja Choon Koo, Jae Boong Choi, Young Jin Kim, Jong Nam Lee, Young Bee Chu
Abstract: As the TFT-LCDs are getting more attention for the next generation display device, specifications of the mechanical functionalities of the device is to be more tighter as well as the electrical user specifications. Due to its brittle characteristics of TFT-LCD panels, maintaining mechanical integrity under an impact loading situation is the one of the key design concerns. Furthermore, as the TFT-LCDs are popularly adopted for various mobile equipments such as cellular phones and digital cameras, shock failure of the display should be prohibitive for the design engineers. A major incident being monitored during the shock loading is of course the local material failure of the TFT-LCD panel that might happen at its maximum deformation. The present work delivers a systematic approach for the shockproof design of mobile TFT-LCD. A specially designed shock test setup evaluated by a set of rigorous FEM analyses is shown and comments for the shockproof method is to be also delineated.
Authors: Seung Hyun Baik, Young Jin Kim, Dock Jin Lee, Jae Boong Choi
Abstract: The effects of acid treatment methods on the fracture of single walled carbon nanotubes are investigated using gel electrophoresis and Raman spectroscopic techniques. The mechanism of gel electrophoresis is based on the migration of charged particles in an electric field, and the gel matrix acts as a sieve for the analyte. A comparative Raman spectroscopy analysis, performed on the migrated nanotubes in the gel, shows that small diameter tubes are cut shorter by the acid treatments.
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