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Authors: David Deslaef, Emmanuelle Rouhaud, Shabnam Rasouli-Yazdi
Authors: Jawad Badreddine, Emmanuelle Rouhaud, Matthieu Micoulaut, Sebastien Remy, Vincent Desfontaine, Pierre Renaud

Abstract: This paper presents a 3D model that simulates an ultrasonic shot peening (USP) operation, using realistic process parameters and peening...

Authors: Choumad Ould, Emmanuelle Rouhaud, Manuel François, Jean Louis Chaboche

Abstract: Experimental analysis can be very costly and time consuming when searching for the optimal process parameters of a new shot-peening...

Authors: Afaf Maras, Guillaume Montay, Olivier Sicot, Emmanuelle Rouhaud, Manuel François

Abstract: The knowledge of residual stresses allows a reliable prediction of structure performances evolution, such as service life [1-3]. In this...

Authors: Florent Cochennec, Emmanuelle Rouhaud, Delphine Retraint, Sébastien Rouquette, Arjen Roos

Abstract: Shot-peening is a surface treatment widely used in the industry to improve fatigue life of mechanical components by introducing compressive...

Authors: Donaro Gallitelli, Delphine Retraint, Emmanuelle Rouhaud

Abstract: In this paper the residual stress states induced by conventional shot peening (SP) and surface mechanical attrition treatment (SMAT) are...

Authors: Emmanuelle Rouhaud, David Deslaef
Authors: Jawhar Elgueder, Lionel Roucoules, Emmanuelle Rouhaud, Florent Cochennec

Abstract: This paper presents an original approach in mechanical design to integrate the manufacturing constraints in the final CAD model. A specific...

Authors: Souhail Benafia, Delphine Retraint, Benoit Panicaud, Lea le Joncour, Emmanuelle Rouhaud, Matthieu Micoulaut

Abstract: Surface Mechanical Attrition Treatment (SMAT) is a recent process that enables to nanocrystallise the surface of metallic alloys. It can...

Authors: C. Pilé, Manuel François, Delphine Retraint, Emmanuelle Rouhaud, Jian Lu

Abstract: The aim of this work is to reach a better understanding of the ultrasonic shot-peening process and, in particular, the evolution of the...

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