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Authors: Francesco Pipia, Annamaria Votta, Gloria Obetti, Enrico Bellandi, Mauro Alessandri, Thomas Nolan
Authors: Enrico Bellandi, Mauro Alessandri, Stefan Detterbeck, Sally Ann Henry, Leo Archer, Thomas Hellweg, Michael Kagerer, Ladislaus Brilz
Authors: Enrico Bellandi, Barbara Crivelli, Mauro Alessandri
Authors: Enrico Bellandi, Alice C. Elbaz, Rosella Piagge, Francesco Pipia, Mauro Alessandri
Authors: Annamaria Votta, Enrico Bellandi, Rosella Piagge, Massimo Caniatti, Francesco Pipia, Mauro Alessandri
Authors: Francesco Pipia, Enrico Bellandi, Barbara Crivelli, Mauro Alessandri
Authors: Enrico Bellandi, Annamaria Votta, Francesco Pipia, Matteo Ferrerio, Cinzia De Marco, Simone Alba, Mauro Alessandri
Authors: Alice C. Elbaz, Enrico Bellandi, Cinzia De Marco, Luigi M. Avaro, Enrica Ravizza, Roberta Piva, Mauro Alessandri
Authors: Annamaria Votta, Francesco Pipia, S. Borsari, Enrica Ravizza, Alice C. Elbaz, Mauro Alessandri, Enrico Bellandi, C. Bresolin
Abstract: Tungsten is a metal widely used for interconnections. As a consequence of more stringent requirements in terms of aspect ratio deriving from device shrinking, the filling of W plugs is becoming more and more critical and new deposition techniques need to be employed to properly fill contacts and trenches. For example ALD nucleation layers need to be coupled to CVD deposition. Since physical-chemical properties of W are heavily influenced by deposition techniques, the effect of wet cleanings on different kind of W needs to be fully understood in order to avoid any kind of W corrosion or recession during wet cleaning with W exposed. In this paper the effect of several chemicals commonly used in BEOL wet cleanings for polymer removal, has been investigated on W films deriving from both CVD and ALD deposition techniques.
Authors: Sébastien Petitdidier, H. Bernard, Enrico Bellandi, F. Landa, H. Shirakawa, Didier Lévy
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