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Authors: M. Reda Berrahmoune, Sophie Berveiller, Karim Inal, Etienne Patoor, Christian R. Simon, Jean-Christophe Glez

Abstract: The main objective of this work is to contribute to the study of the 301LN unstable austenitic stainless steel by determining the...

Authors: Sophie Berveiller, Pascal Dubos, Karim Inal, André Eberhardt, Etienne Patoor

Abstract: We have developed a new convenient tool for local stress and strain analysis in the scanning electron microscope. It is based on the Kossel...

Authors: Raphaël Pesci, Karim Inal, Sophie Berveiller, Etienne Patoor, Jean Sébastien Lecomte, André Eberhardt

Abstract: A Kossel microdiffraction experimental set up is under development inside a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) in order to determine the...

Authors: M. Reda Berrahmoune, Sophie Berveiller, Karim Inal, Etienne Patoor

Abstract: In this study, residual stresses state at different scales in the 301LN unstable austenitic steel after deep drawing was determined. The...

Authors: B. Malard, Thilo Pirling, Karim Inal, Etienne Patoor, Sophie Berveiller

Abstract: This paper focuses on the study of the superelastic behavior associated to the stress induced martensite transformation in a...

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