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Authors: C. Devivier, Daniel Thompson, Fabrice Pierron, M.R. Wisnom

Abstract: This paper studies the effect of delaminations on strain maps for a simple cantilever beam. The aim is to build an experimental set-up which...

Authors: Raphaël Moulart, René Rotinat, Fabrice Pierron, Gilles Lérondel

Abstract: This work deals with the development of a full-field extensometric method at a micrometric scale in order to precisely identify the local...

Authors: Francois Maquin, Fabrice Pierron

Abstract: In order to fully understand the thermomechanical phenomena involved in high-cycle fatigue, a method for determining the dissipative thermal...

Authors: Yannick Pannier, René Rotinat, Stephane Avril, Fabrice Pierron
Authors: Fabrice Pierron

Abstract: This paper presents a short overview of the state of the art and future challenges of the use of full-field measurements and inverse...

Authors: Raphaël Moulart, Stephane Avril, Fabrice Pierron

Abstract: This paper deals with the simultaneous identification of the four through-thickness orthotropic rigidities of a thick composite tube. A...

Authors: G. Le Louëdec, M.A. Sutton, Fabrice Pierron

Abstract: Welding is one of the most popular joining technologies in industry. Depending on the materials to be joined, the geometry of the parts and...

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