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Authors: Er Liang Liu, Yu Fu Li, X.Z. Wang, Fei Xiao, Xian Li Liu
Abstract: In the process of turning high-temperature and high-strength steel, it is an effective method for chip breaking with complicated groove insert. In this paper, chip breaking mechanism is analyzed using the coated complicate groove insert for cutting high-temperature and high-strength steel. The model of chip curl radios is constructed though analyzing the effect of complicated groove insert on chip formation. The mathematical formulation of chip section profile coefficient is built through analyzing influential effect of complicated groove on chip section profile. The chip breaking model is developed according to chip-breaking criterion. Finally, a full experimental validation of the model is presented for chip breaking when the workpiece is high-temperature and high-strength steel, 2.25Cr-1Mo-0.25V. The tested results show the chip breaking model is reasonable, and the optimization cutting parameters are obtained.
Authors: Xing Fa Zhao, Xian Li Liu, Fei Xiao, Yan Xin Wang, Yan Cui Jiang
Abstract: As cutter radial runout and deformation play a main role in processing precision, surface roughness and cutter wear during hard milling, the effects of the former two factors on actual cutting radius and cutting chip thickness are analyzed during milling process briefly in this paper. The vector direction of radius runout and deformation are assumed to be the same. Then, the milling force of cutting cutter whirling a circle is simulated under the three-dimensional feed motion, and the simulation result agrees well with the experimental result.
Authors: Guang Jun Chen, Xian Li Liu, Zhong Yang Zhao, Wen Dong Li, Fei Xiao
Abstract: High-speed precision hard cutting always causes vibratory motion, which has great influence on production efficiency, machining quality, machining environment, operating cost, machine tool life and cutting tool life. The dynamic model is established that is about flutter system of external circular finish turning recycled hardened steel; the limit of hard cutting system stability is analyzed, and the limit of hard cutting system stability can be predicted with numerical simulation in Matlab; with the larger corner radius change and the more the hardness of workpieces increases, the more the maximal stabile cutting width reduces. Hardened steel GCr15 is cut in different cutting condition with PCBN tools, the result obtained by the method coincides with the actual result. So, with selecting cutting parameters through the method, it is ensured that the cutting proceeds in the stable region throughout.
Authors: Yan Xin Wang, Xian Li Liu, C.X. Yue, Fei Xiao, P. Sun
Abstract: A method to identify the effect of tool overhang on vibration signal is put forward to study machining process of large hardened steel automobile mold by wavelet energy spectrum. Firstly, collect the machinery vibration signal on milling by displacement sensor, then make a wavelet transform on time signal and calculate the wavelet energy spectrum of each frequency range. Finally, extract energy value of the right frequency by the method of homogenization. It is confirmed by experimental data that this method can recognize vibration feature and abnormal condition of cutting tool in high speed milling process of hardened steel fleetly and efficiently.
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