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Authors: Er Liang Liu, Yu Fu Li, X.Z. Wang, Fei Xiao, Xian Li Liu

Abstract: In the process of turning high-temperature and high-strength steel, it is an effective method for chip breaking with complicated groove...

Authors: Xing Fa Zhao, Xian Li Liu, Fei Xiao, Yan Xin Wang, Yan Cui Jiang

Abstract: As cutter radial runout and deformation play a main role in processing precision, surface roughness and cutter wear during hard milling, the...

Authors: Guang Jun Chen, Xian Li Liu, Zhong Yang Zhao, Wen Dong Li, Fei Xiao

Abstract: High-speed precision hard cutting always causes vibratory motion, which has great influence on production efficiency, machining quality,...

Authors: Yan Xin Wang, Xian Li Liu, C.X. Yue, Fei Xiao, P. Sun

Abstract: A method to identify the effect of tool overhang on vibration signal is put forward to study machining process of large hardened steel...

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