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Authors: Olga Budenkova, Anne Noeppel, Jenő Kovács, Arnold Rónaföldi, András Roósz, Anne Marie Bianchi, Florin Baltaretu, Mabel Medina, Yves Fautrelle

Abstract: A numerical investigation of directional solidification of Al-7wt.%Si alloy stirred by a rotating magnetic field is compared with...

Authors: Xiao Dong Wang, A. Ciobanas, Florin Baltaretu, Anne Marie Bianchi, Yves Fautrelle

Abstract: A numerical model aimed at simulating the segregations during the columnar solidification of a binary alloy is used to investigate the...

Authors: Olga Budenkova, Florin Baltaretu, Sonja Steinbach, Lorenz Ratke, András Roósz, Arnold Rónaföldi, Jenõ Kovács, Anna Maria Bianchi, Yves Fautrelle

Abstract: Recently several experiments on directional solidification of Al-6.5wt.Si-0.93wt.%Fe (AlSi7Fe1) alloy were performed under terrestrial...

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