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Authors: Jin Song Zhuang, Yi Jian Huang, Fu Sen Wu
Abstract: Block forming machine, as a kind of automatic equipments, can quickly compact blocks. Higher-order spectrum analysis emerges as a new effective method in signal processing, which can describe nonlinear coupling, restrain Gaussian noise and reserve phase components. In the paper, a hydraulic exciter applying to block forming machine will be introduced. Then block forming machine’s random vibration signals during the compacting process would be collected, in order to make use of the sample data to build up a time series autoregressive model and bispectrum of three-order accumulation, to analyze AR bispectrum characteristics of the machine’s vibrate signals under different work conditions.
Authors: Fu Sen Wu, Yi Jian Huang, Shan Xu
Abstract: In order to find out a new type of MR damper for block making machine, the signals of displacement in the vibration process during the test are collected and the time series AR model of trispectrum for analyzing the dynamic characteristics of the MR damper is built. It turns out that , in different working conditions, slices of trispectrum are applied to obtain the signal’s non-Gaussian, nonlinear amplitude-frequency characteristics which are very important for us to select the optimum working parameters of the MR damper.
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