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Authors: Lara Righi, Franca Albertini, Antonio Paoluzi, Simone Fabbrici, Elena Villa, Gianluca Calestani, Stefano Besseghini

Abstract: Magnetic and structural properties in multifunctional FSMA (Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys) belonging to Heusler family are frequently...

Authors: Anna Tampieri, Gian Carlo Celotti, Gianluca Calestani, S. Lesca
Authors: Franca Albertini, L. Morellon, P.A. Algarabel, M.R. Ibarra, L. Pareti, Gianluca Calestani
Authors: Franca Albertini, Antonio Paoluzi, L. Pareti, L. Nasi, Giancarlo Salviati, Gianluca Calestani
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